A series of handy prints

I'm working on a series of 20 x 20 cm prints - for the moment they're mostly 3D procedural mountains, but they're evolving into other objects. I'm using the 3D environment as a virtual photostudio.

Though digital in origin, the prints have a distinct 'handmade' quality, partly due to the coating I apply on them with a spraycan (which helps fixate the ink, and ads uv protection).

In october I'm going to produce an edition of a selection of them: 3 different prints, each in an edition of 12. More information will follow soon, but be prepared to pre-order some!

The paper varies - the ones below are on 320 grams tinted paper.

What's up?

7 Oct, 19:00 hrs: Pulsar, 'Just the tip', with Fia Cielen, Lydia Debeer, Manu Engelen, and me - and, perhaps also Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx.

Spring 2017, INERTIA in Portland, US.

Setting up 'U', ('U for Utopia') an animation 1 - 3 channel, HD, colour, sound. Based on a selection of landscape photographs I took on my trips through Europe (from Norway to Sweden, to Sicily, to France).





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