donderdag 15 september 2016

A series of handy prints

I'm working on a series of 20 x 20 cm prints - for the moment they're mostly 3D procedural mountains, but they're evolving into other objects. I'm using the 3D environment as a virtual photostudio.

Though digital in origin, the prints have a distinct 'handmade' quality, partly due to the coating I apply on them with a spraycan (which helps fixate the ink, and ads uv protection).

In october I'm going to produce an edition of a selection of them: 3 different prints, each in an edition of 12. More information will follow soon, but be prepared to pre-order some!

The paper varies - the ones below are on 320 grams tinted paper.

What's up?

7 Oct, 19:00 hrs: Pulsar, 'Just the tip', with Fia Cielen, Lydia Debeer, Manu Engelen, and me - and, perhaps also Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx.

Spring 2017, INERTIA in Portland, US.

Setting up 'U', ('U for Utopia') an animation 1 - 3 channel, HD, colour, sound. Based on a selection of landscape photographs I took on my trips through Europe (from Norway to Sweden, to Sicily, to France).




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maandag 8 augustus 2016

30 Jaar de Ziener, Brussels & Pulsar


I'm very proud to be part of the 30 years celebration exhibition of De Ziener gallery, opening Sunday, September 4, and running until October 9.

This exhibition will take place at cultural centre De Markten, Oude Graanmarkt 5, in the heart of Brussels and features works by: Sjoerd Buisman, Julien Coulommier, Alexandra Crouwers, Werner Cuvelier, Mario De Brabandere, Karel De Meester, Jo De Smedt, Eric De Smet, Norman Dilworth, Paul Gees, Patrick Lebret, Jean-Georges Massart, Paul Morez, Walter Swennen, Roeland Tweelinckx, Caroline Van Damme, Philippe Vandenberg, Frank Van Hiel, Elke Van Kerckvoorde,John Van Oers, Stefaan Vermuyten, and Maurice Wyckae.


Pulsar (or Pulsar Facebook) is an initiative by artist David Wauters. Wauters uses an available gallery space in the center of Antwerp (close to Central Station) for a variety of exhibition projects. As an experiment, he invited a number of artists who, in their turn, invited some artists.

This resulted in a fluid and heterogenous non-collective with a core of 8 - 9 artists, aiming to produce a string of exhibitions at the Pulsar space.

Artists involved at the moment: David Wauters, Fia Cielen, Olga Fedorova, Lydia Debeer, Manu Engelen, Vincent Vandaele, Piotr Tolmachov, and me.

On a regular basis we meet and discuss our works, contemporary art in general, art and science, and and politics, and our own artist practice, as preparations for a next Pulsar show.

We involved evolutionary biologist Jan Verpooten, and are working on setting up a project at the University of Leuven, connecting art with science.

Below some photos of the first 'Setup' exhibition (photos by Piotr):
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zaterdag 6 februari 2016

Prints! And other things.

On January 22nd the main film of the 3-channel installation 'Inertia' screened at HEDEN: Heelal, an initiative by VHDG in Leeuwarden (NL).

In the dramatically lit setting of an old church/theatre, prof. dr. Rien van de Weijgaert (cosmologic structures, University of Groningen), and artists Martina Lasinger, Daniela De Paulis, and myself presented our work to a diverse, and sharp audience. We were interviewed by Rutger Middendorp, and questioned by the audience.

The main goal of VHDG's evenings is to connect science to art, in this case centered around the theme of the Universe. This was a wonderful evening, starting with an almost magical conversation between the artists, the scientist, and the interviewer in the hour before the public was allowed to enter the 'exhibition' space, or stage.

An impression of the evening can be found here (if you've got some sort of blocker installed on your browser - like I have - you may not see the images. In that case follow this link instead):

Dank iedereen voor een hemelse avond! In het bijzonder dank aan Martina Lasinger, Daniela de Paulis, Alexandra Crouwers,...
Geplaatst door Stichting VHDG op zaterdag 23 januari 2016


On February 6, at 16:00 hrs my soloshow 'The White Hide' opens at Studio Omstand (Arnhem, NL). I was invited by Marjolein De Groen, who made an exhibition with her own works in the first weeks of January, and asked me to do a presentation afterwards.

The proportions of the four spaces of Studio Omstand's 'Turbinekamers' are quite awkward: they're higher than their length and width are (about 6m20 high, 3m30 x 4m usable floor space). Also, 3 of the spaces have no daylight due to gigantic steel industrial blinds that take up one whole wall. There's one 'room' with an almost wall to wall window.

'The White Hide' is a small overview exhibition, showing older, new and reviewed works. One of the works is, of course, 'The White Hide', in this setting it's version #IV. See the image below. It's a videoprojection on a slide projection.

 Also, I've been busy with works on paper: digital - mostly 3D generated - images are printed on various kinds of drawing paper, resulting in an ongoing series of prints. The texture of the paper is very well visible. The ink lies on top of the paper, making them look a bit like silkscreen prints. Below some examples. These are all 70 x 100 cm (or the other way around).

Two other prints are still waiting to be framed: black on black.

'So what's with the flags?' you might ask. Well, they're part of a train of thought that might lead to a new animation - there's the short version of it. Also, seeing a lot of graphic design from the 50's and 60's made me want to produce some sort of posters/affiches, but without text.


On another note: the whole 3-channel installation 'Inertia' will screen on the Mediawand at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg during (and after) Art Rotterdam! More info here.


 On again another note: the animation that's part of the installation 'Practical Applied Hermetics' (2010 - 2012) functions as a starting point of the visuals for Behoud de Begeerte's literature production of 2016's 'Saint Amour'. As I write this down, parts and modified stills are rerendering with different lights and different settings. The original animation was set in a foggy forest at night, almost like it was underwater. This project more or less forced me to invent the setting for the virtual and nondescript forest of Practical Applied Hermetics.

I put it on an island. The images are turning out quite painterly.

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dinsdag 22 december 2015

Upcoming: January / February 2016

22 Jan, VHDG, Leeuwarden, NL: a screening of 'Inertia' at an evening on science fiction. I'll also give a talk.

6 Feb - 29 Feb, Studio Omstand, Arnhem, NL: at the rather unusual building of artist intitiative Studio Omstand I'm going to combine existing works with new experiments.

11 Feb - 14 Feb, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, NL: 'Inertia' is shown on the so-called Mediawand - the largest indoor screen of The Netherlands - during Art Rotterdam.

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maandag 6 juli 2015

The Manual

'The Manual' premiered at D.ART (Dijlefeesten kunstroute) in Mechelen, and I was awarded a new prize: the Nobelsprijs (named after its initiator Frank Nobels).

Watch 'The Manual' here:

Some installation views:

Next up: a new animationloop for Horst Arts & Music Festival at Horst Castle, in september.
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zaterdag 13 juni 2015

What's up?

As of today, Saturday July 13, a small object I made can be found at Hidden Art/Dold Kunst in Kungsparken and Slottparken in Malmö (Sweden). This was a first experiment in producing something that would - hopefully - be able to stand weather conditions, at least for this summer.

Dold Kunst is an initiative of Tamara De Laval, and was also set up in Los Angeles' Echo Park. This project runs until September 13. Jens Soneryd will do a performance later this summer in Malmö.

More info here.

From the 1st until the 5th of July, D.ART takes place in a former furniture store in Mechelen. A new work will premiere! It's still in progress, and something quite different from my other works. A production still below:

It features a soundtrack I made, using computer-speech. More info soon.

In September, one of my works will be part of the Horst Arts & Music festival in and around Horst Castle (near Leuven). After the festival, the exhibition will run for a couple of months. More info will follow.
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